About me

My approach is to use the concept of beauty as well as developing a narrative framing the work. Inspired by nature and human responses to the natural world in art and design, I have responded by creating well crafted and tactile objects beyond functionality whose owners will be attached to in an emotional rather than rational way.

People buy art often to last for a long time not as a disposable commodity but objects are often only temporary. I want my items to be affordable enough so that most people can afford to buy them and afford to replace them if need be. However I also want them to be valued such as ‘your favourite coffee cup’ something to be treasured that people will want to hold onto for a long time.

I use a casting process to create distinctive one off items. It is a way of making identical multiples of one object, but by morphing the cast after it leaves the mould it becomes an individual part of a series. A reinvention of everyday objects, re-contextualising what is familiar and overlooked by altering the material qualities.

img_9195a.jpg My lovely fiance Andy and I at the Kfm exhibition



Class photo

Aroha, Guy, Scott, Jamie, Carl, Lindsay, Oliver




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