2009 shot



Daisy small iron oxide


Garland small teal – close up


Garland small teal


Daisy chain small teal


Daisy small teal

aubergine thistle medium full small

Thistle medium aubergine

aubergine thistle medium small

Thistle medium aubergine – close up

daisy chain top medium 2 small

Daisy chain top medium – candy and lilac cream

doiley medium candy small

Doiley medium candy

seagreen top thistle medium small

Thistle top medium seaside

web medium 2 small

Web medium – seaside, lilac cream

Large Seaside Thistle Vase Front

Thistle large seaside

Medium Nikau - Seaside -  Rimmed - Pair

Nikau small seaside

Medium Crumpled Garland - Candy Floss -  No Rim - Front

Garland small candy

Medium Daisy Chain - Hazy Blue -  Rimmed - Front

Daisy chain small misty blue

Medium Rosette - Denim -  Rimmed - Front

Rosette small denim

Vase Crumpled  Daisy - Violet -No Rim - Back

Daisy large lilac


Thistle small tangerine


These vessels have been cast from disposable coffee cups. The appeal of a handmade product is that slight variations occur. This can happen in size, colour, shape and surface contour. Therefore every piece is totally unique.

I remember looking at nana’s dressing table and seeing all her jewellery boxes sitting on faded lace doileys. They were wonderfully made but always so repulsive to me. I think that’s where the attraction began, i needed to make them beautiful to me. So sitting down for a cup of tea one day i decided to try make the doiley’s a surface pattern, still keeping their material like slumping qualities and delicate nature.



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11 01 2010
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