How to do….. Drypoint

6 07 2012


Choose a picture to etch, original or otherwise. I chose a botanical drawing of a poppy from an encyclopaedia. Place your piece of perspex/ plastic on top of the drawing. 


Start- a- scratching, remember that all of the lines will show so the direction of your etching is important. Image

Keep going! Your hand will be ouch. Image

Done, phew. Image

Splodge onto your plate a bit of water based ink- colour of choice. Image

Using a piece of thick card wipe the ink evenly across the plate. 


When the ink is all spread you now have to wipe most of it off… yellow pages work quite well… 


Scrub the ink off the surface till you are happy, plate tone or the amount of ink left of the plastic is quite nice so give it a go. Image

Soak some wet strength cartridge paper for a few minutes. Image

Set up your plastic plate with the paper on top (scrap paper top and bottom also helps)

Put the carpet on top and roll roll roll. Image



Not too bad 


Alice’s Evidence

6 07 2012


Alice Page 153

Hand pulled

Pronto oil based print


Under Construction

6 07 2012


Working away in my garage/studio is rather cold in the winter and not the most inviting place to be- however it is satisfying to get all of my work under way. Scrapping extra bits of clay, smoothing edges getting things ready for the kiln. 


Moulds waiting to be filled!

Little Ones- Sneak Peak

6 07 2012



1:100 scale model, SH1 North of Auckland 

Total Favouriteness =

3 10 2011


Run by Sarah Firmston and Rose Howcroft this is a
vintage boutique with a difference.
Find a delightful dress for yourself and a perfect
birthday gift all in the same little shop.
You’ll find the charming staff behind the counter
or on the couch with a knitting needle
or crotchet hook in hand making all sorts of
goodies for you to buy.

Come butter yourself up!

Mon – Fri: 11:00 am 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Tessa Monash

16 06 2011

another collection of sketches- bic and ink pen on paper, 2011

Tess is a beautiful and talented illustrator that I have the pleasure of knowing. Definitely jealous of her awesome skills.

Auckland Art and Craft Fair

12 06 2011

Hot outta the oven/kiln

New things! Yahoo

Setting UP

Auckland Art & Craft Fair Table

A wee bit cramped but still lookin lovely

Table Set Up

Moustache Mugs are Back!

Lindsay's Table


Thanks to Lindsay for the photos and to everyone who visited us!